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45 Bodies Found in New Orleans Hospital

by Kevin Caruso

September 12, 2005

Another horrifying result of the extremely slow response to Hurricane Katrina has surfaced.

Fourty-five people were found dead in a New Orleans hospital.

We know that the local, state, and federal governments were too slow to respond to the disaster -- but in this case, the problem goes beyond our government: patients were not properly cared for by the staff and administrators of the hospital when a mandatory evacuation order was in effect.

People need to go to prison for this.

This is ONE more case where there is NO excuse for letting people die.

Who was responsible for theses patients?

And why didn’t they QUICKLY evacuate these patients?

How could ANYONE let these patients die?

Many more questions come to mind, and we DO NOT want to hear any more excuses from people.

More needless deaths; more needles suffering.

NO excuses. Period.

We want accountability and we want it now.

ALL of the people responsible for the care of these precious patients need to answer in CRIMINAL COURT for letting them die.

And which politicians will step forward to be accountable?

Fourty-five MORE people are in Heaven. And they should still be here with us.

And the family members of those who passed away will suffer for a long time because of what happened.

“Patients died while waiting to be evacuated after Katrina struck, as temperatures inside the hospital reached 106 degrees,” said Dave Goodson, an assistant administrator at Memorial Medical Center.


We don’t want to hear excuses. It is the responsibility of the hospital to care for the patients and to evacuate if required.

ALL of these people should still be alive.

May they rest in peace.

We pray for their families.

God bless everyone who was affected by this needless tragedy.







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