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FEMA Director Michael Brown Resigns

Michael Brown RESIGNS
as director of FEMA

by Kevin Caruso

September 12, 2005

Michael Brown, the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has resigned.

Virtually everyone in the country wanted Brown removed. He did a horrible job managing the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Brown was unable to grasp the magnitude of the disaster in New Orleans, and moved at a disgracefully slow pace in mobilizing help.

Brown also allowed himself and FEMA to get mired in red tape throughout the aftermath of the hurricane.

Brown's incompetence resulted in the death of many hurricane survivors in New Orleans. They were waiting for help that never arrived. Brown has blood on his hands.

Also, innumerable Hurricane Katrina survivors suffered needlessly as they waited and waited and waited for FEMA to get to them.

Brown's departure was inevitable. He was removed as manager of the Hurricane Katrina disaster on September 9th, and sent back to Washington, D.C.

And it was only a matter of time until Brown would be terminated or asked to step down as director of FEMA.

He is gone.

Thank God.


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