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FEMA Director Michael Brown REMOVED from Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort

by Kevin Caruso

September 9, 2005

Michael Brown, the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Ageny (FEMA), has been removed from his position of managing Hurricane relief efforts; however, he is still the director of FEMA.

Brown has been heavily criticized for the disgracefully inadequate response of FEMA to the hurricane aftermath.

And yesterday reports surfaced that he lied on his resume.

Brown, badly beleaguered and with no credibility, is barely holding on to his FEMA position. But it is inevitable that Brown will either step down or be removed as the director of FEMA because citizens, Congress, and Hurricane Katrina survivors are united in wanting him removed.

Kevin Caruso, Katrina, and Project are also calling for Brown's removal as director of FEMA.

Brown's ignominious response to the disaster has been highly consequential - many hurricane survivors DIED as they waited for help in New Orleans, and innumerable others survivors suffered needlessly.

Coast Guard Vice Admiral Thad Allen will assume Brown's position as manager of the Hurricane Katrina effort


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