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Michael Brown is Still on the Payroll

September 27, 2005

by Kevin Caruso

Michael Brown, the incompetent former FEMA director who did EVERYTHING wrong in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is, unbelievably, still on the federal payroll.

Brown is being paid as a “consultant” to supposedly help FEMA asses the agency’s deplorable response to Katrina.

Michael Brown is a disgrace.

He was not qualified to serve as the director of FEMA.

He did not prepare for Katrina properly.

He did not respond to Katrina properly.

And he will not accept responsibility for his failings.

He will, however, accept any checks that our government gives him. And those checks need to stop NOW.

Dump Brown completely.

He cannot help anyone.

Bye bye Brownie. You ARE NOT “doing a heck of a job.”


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