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September 16, 2005 - National Day of Prayer

by Kevin Caruso

September 16, 2005, is a national day of prayer for those we lost due to Hurricane Katrina, and for our precious survivors.

Please pray as often as possible today.and EVERY day for all those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Please join me in prayer.

Let us pray.

Lord Jesus Christ, we pray for all of the angels who are now with you because of Hurricane Katrina.

Too many of our brothers and sisters are in Heaven now because of the hurricane. And we pray for these precious angels, Lord.

Embrace them with your love and let these angels rest peacefully in your Kingdom with the eternal life that you have given them.

Lord, many of our brothers and sisters who have survived the hurricane are in great pain.

We ask that you comfort them.

And give them peace and give them hope.

Give them all that they need.

Heal them, Lord.

Let them feel your presence.

Stay with them.

Lord, our brothers and sisters who survived this hurricane need us now more that ever.

And we will continue to take action.

We will stand with our brothers and sisters, in every way possible, throughout their difficulties.

We will continue to pray for them.

We will continue to donate to the Red Cross and other organizations that can help them.

We will continue to volunteer our time to assist them.

We will continue to work to unite loved ones who were separated because of the hurricane.

We stand united with our brothers and sister.

Lord, help guide us in all of the ways that we can continue to help our brothers and sisters in need.

We love all of the wonderful people who have survived the hurricane.

Lord, we ask that you continue to help them as they heal and as they rebuild.

Shine your love upon them every second of every day.

Take away their pain.

Give them hope.

Give them peace.

Give them jobs.

And bless them with all that they do, now, and forever.



If you or someone you know is suicidal because of Hurricane Katrina,
please click below for immediate help: