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2 Hero New Orleans Police Officers Die by Suicide, 200 Quit

by Kevin Caruso

September 4, 2005

The enormous stress placed upon the hero police officers in New Orleans has had devastating consequences.

Two hero officers have died by suicide, and 200 have quit.

Edwin Compass, the superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department, said that most of the 1,500 officers on the force stayed at their posts but morale was quite low.

New Orleans Police officers have been working around the clock, getting little rest, trying to cope with massive flooding, looters, gang member, and snipers.

Additionally, the officers have seen many scenes of death and destruction that normally would only be seen in a time of war.

The vast majority of the New Orleans Police officers have done an outstanding, heroic job throughout the disaster.

And we salute all of them for their service.

God bless them.


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