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Owners of St. Rita's Nursing Home Owners Charged with Negligent Homicide

Salvador and Mable Mangano
The Faces of Murderers:
Salvador and Mable Mangano
were charged with 34 counts
of negligent homicide

by Kevin Caruso

September 13, 2005

Thirty-four people lost their lives because Salvador and Mable Mangano were negligent.


Thank God Charles Foti, Jr., the Attorney General of Louisiana, took swift action to bring these two criminals to justice.

The Manganos were unbelievably irresponsible and negligent when they did not evacuate the elderly residents of their nursing home near New Orleans after a MANDATORY evacuation order was issued.

With a category 5 hurricane heading directly towards New Orleans and a mandatory evacuation order in effect, the Manganos have no excuse whatsoever, and they are murderers.

They both have blood on their hands.

And they are each facing up to 5 years PER COUNT on 34 counts of negligent homicide.

The patients of the nursing home drowned when the city was flooded - they never had a chance.

"They did not die of natural causes; they drowned," said Attorney General Foti. "Thirty-four people drowned in a nursing home where they should have been evacuated."

Attorney General Foti said the the Manganos had plenty of time and ample opportunity to move the patients to safety, and they were directly offered buses to evacuate everyone.

Between 40 and 50 other patients were rescued from the facility.

Our prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones due to the negligence of these criminals.


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