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St. Bernard Parish Katrina Survivors Await FEMA Trailers

by Kevin Caruso

December 13, 2005

More that three months after Hurricane Katrina made landfall, many survivors in St. Bernard Parish are still waiting for their FEMA trailers

“We got people living in tents and automobiles. We got people living in barns. We got people living in their [destoyed] houses,” said St. Bernard Parish President Henry Rodriguez as he expressed his deep frustration about the interminable wait for the trailers. “[And] this is the beginning of winter. This is unacceptable.”

Rodriguez says that only 100 or so FEMA trailers have been delivered, but the parish needs about 12,000.

FEMA said that they are ready to deliver 125,000 trailers to the areas affected by Katrina but that parish officials need to identify locations for them.

FEMA also issued a release a that included the following statements: “It is understandable that the process can be frustrating, given that basic services, including electricity, were just recently restored….While most of the housing stock in St. Bernard's was decimated by Katrina, several options exist to ensure that people have a safe, warm place to stay.”

So while FEMA is STILL struggling to get its act together, innumerable Katrina survivors are living in tents, cars, and makeshift shelters.

Our hero Katrina survivors deserve better.

Get your asses in gear FEMA!


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